Autumn 2020 


Restorative & Nidra

Recurrent Evening Session



Two Fridays a month 19.00-21.00 

restorative yoga lillayogastudion organicpauyoga

Held by bolsters, blocks and blankets, this class  invites us to deep rest,  support and ground through long and soft passive poses.

Eight different sessions to dive through the panchamaya kosha and chakra systems. As we transition from summer to winter, each session  explores how we experience and process the seasonal energies into our subtle body system. Which blockages we hold onto and how to release. 

The pass finishes with a very special Savasana. A deep guided yoga Nidra relaxation that will take us into deep consciousness states to rest, heal and let go as we enjoy the vibration of the gong and the tibetan bowls.

Organic Sunday

Yoga & Brunch


Let yourself relax and flow with a beautiful morning vinyasa practice and a delicious plant-based, seasonal brunch.
An organic, complete treat from the inside out.

Join me the first Sunday of the month to share and connect.



With the collaboration of


Healthies Café

Kvillingeekologiska & Kvillingegårdsbutik

Upside Down

Inversions workshop


inversions upside down organicpauyoga linköping


In this workshop explore different inversions, some were new for us some already known. We  take a look at the foundations of the pose and different aspect such as the role of our breath, props, preparation sequencing and assisting other.

If is the first time you join, don't worry! We will go back to the foundations and the main 3 aspects of each asana: enter, maintain and exit. We will share three hours to deepen into each inversion and different variations, learning to transition from one to another.

We will also dedicate time to prepare sequences and talk about the muscles involved; and to learn to assist others and be safe supporting physically and psychologically with what limits our students to get into inversions.


This is a space for beginners and intermediate/advanced yogis, students, practitioners and teachers!!

Here we create a community. A space where we can lean from each other.


Come and experience your self in a challenging practice, to explore different inversions and while learning how to prepare ourselves through warm up sequences and tips on how to enter, maintain and exit inversions safely.




Hey! I would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out for details about private classes, courses, treatments, events and collaborations or any questions you are corious about. I look forward to hear from you.

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