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Vinyasa masterclass



10th OCTOBER 8.30-12.00

24th OCTOBER 16.30-20.00


Welcome to a space to share, learn and experience. 

In this vinyasa masterclass we explore the technique and practice of different intermediate positions and transitions. Sitting and standing positions, inversions, balances, back-bends, torsions and more.  

This is for any yogi interested in deepening in the practice from a physical, emotional and mental plane.

We will navigate the psychological aspects of each pose and our blockages as well as the possible adaptations and benefits of each pose. 


Included in this masterclass:

-Vinyasa practice and workshop.
-Practical Breathing techniques
-Anatomy of the breath, theory and practice. Bhandas.
-Practical Asana analysis from a Hatha-vinyasa perspective.
-Warm up and Mobility ques
-Practical Adaptations and use of props. 
-Transitions Flow
- Psychology of the physical yoga practice and the asanas. Understanding our blockages.
- Nidra practice
-Veggan Lunch bowl


Recomended: Bring your yoga mat, a notebook and a smile :)





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