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Autumn Course

at Lilla Yogastudion

Fully booked course


Fridays 17.00-18.30


Through physicall and mental challenge in this course we focus on deeply releasing at the end of the week

A playful, fun and dynamic yoga session.


While we repeatedly explore different intermediate poses and sequences, every class is different than the other.  Some flow sequences may feel softer, allowing us to observe technicalities of the asanas and about the subtle body.

As we progressively advance,  the flows will get more powerful and will introduce us into a challenging and sometimes demanding practice which will surely lit the fire in us, developing and enhancing our skills at different levels physically, mentally and emotionally.  Through vinyasas we guide ourselves into observing  the deep connection between yoga asanas an breath.


The class ends with extra long relaxation with restorative yoga.


Definitely a challenging class which will open our channels and may arise  diverse emotions and sensations to be received, invited, observed, processed and released through dynamism and a restful savasana.

Let's make our friday feel amazing!

Piggy Bank

Course runs every friday from week 34 to week 50 (16 classes)

week 44 off  (autumn holidays)

Total cost 2350kr

For info about payment options please contact

*Drop ins open from August 16  (courses fill up fast at the studio and those who book the course have a spot priority. If you book drop ins instead be aware you are  not guaranteed a spot in class." May the odds be with you")


Vasavägen 13, Linköping

Limited spots. max 10 participants

Bookings info:

Contact with the teacher: /

Course indicated to intermediate-advanced yogis or anyone who likes and feels comfortable through dynamic and workout passes.

No need to know previous yoga but ideally you can follow a dynamic and physical sport session.   

Welcome anyone who experiences stress or difficult emotions, likes to work out but has some difficulties finding relaxation in passive and calm sessions

For more information and bookings go to 


Price, dates, friskvârdsbidrag, location, missing classes, holidays...

You can find answers for almost all your possible questions by reading or clicking on the button above under the BOOKING RULES of the studio:


We kindly ask and recommend you to read carefully these.


If you need some information that is not stated on the webpage feel free to contact me.


Love and light,


Course Gallery

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Vinyasa masterclass



10th OCTOBER 8.30-12.00

24th OCTOBER 16.30-20.00



Welcome to a space to share, learn and experience. 

In this vinyasa masterclass we explore the technique and practice of different intermediate positions and transitions. Sitting and standing positions, inversions, balances, back-bends, torsions and more.  

This is for any yogi interested in deepening in the practice from a physical, emotional and mental plane.

We will navigate the psychological aspects of each pose and our blockages as well as the possible adaptations and benefits of each pose. 


Included in this masterclass:

-Vinyasa practice and workshop.
-Practical Breathing techniques
-Anatomy of the breath, theory and practice. Bhandas.
-Practical Asana analysis from a Hatha-vinyasa perspective.
-Warm up and Mobility ques
-Practical Adaptations and use of props. 
-Transitions Flow
- Psychology of the physical yoga practice and the asanas. Understanding our blockages.
- Nidra practice
-Veggan Lunch bowl


Recomended: Bring your yoga mat, a notebook and a smile :)

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