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Red lentils dhal

A Traditional Grounding Indian Recipe

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite dishes all year round.

It is a Spanish tradition to use green or brown lentils and cook them in a light soupy stew with potato and chorizo, a very common recipe wich I have never been a fan of. "Lentejas comida de viejas" (lentils, elderly food) would Spanish children say jokingly to avoid eating them.

While in Spain I would never agree on eating my granny´s lentils and I would move earth and sky until I convinced her to cook me croquetas (another traditional Spanish delicatessen), this Indian version of lentils made me fall for them.

I tried them first in elementary school when I had lunch at a friends house. "Red lentils for lunch" said my mom's friend. I freaked out, I hated lentils! Well what a great turn of events that I was polite enough to not hurt her feelings and eat what my hosts served. Otherwise I may have never realized how much I like this dish!. It lasted no time on my plate. It was absolutely delicious!!

It took me several years to cook them my self when I was in university.

I went vegetarian for 6 months during my third year in university when I started to navigate the wonderful and creative world of legumes' recipes. Nowadays I eat everything (but pineapple and several milk products), but I must say it was mind blowing to realize the infinite and creative options of vegan and vegetarian cooking.

But back to the lentils dhal!

Curious fact: "Dal (also known as dhal or daal) is a Sanskrit term very common in South Asia to refer to legumes that have had their skin removed." - wikipedia facts

There are many ways to serve your dhal: liquidy, thicker, in puree, with veggies, meat, etc. Here I am going to share with you the most simple and traditional way to prepare your dhal. Enjoy!

Red Lentils Dhal Recipe:

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