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New beginnings

Back to the rutines

Beginnings can be a little hard.

Coming back into our routines after the light sensations of the summer vacations, is sometimes difficult and can leave us feeling a bit low on energy, heavy and even sad. However, it can also be the perfect chance to cultivate awareness as we draw the new directions to the coming season.

At the end of the summer, while the the weather is still warm and the first leaves fall, we enter the Pitta and Vata seasons. Late summer in Scandinavia is a time of transition. As nature quietly undresses, summer rains become a little more constant. The arrival of the early autumn vibes brings a certain emptiness that can leave us feeling exposed and a little raw. Nonetheless, August is still filled with possibilities.

Coming back to our work and study schedules can be a great opportunity to build a seasonal routine and find out what activities allow us to stay centered and energized during the coming months of dark and cold weather. As we go deeper into the autumn and winter days, is natural that our bodies will begin to feel a bit heavier and slow. Because of it, it can be nice during this time find balance between the summery and autumn-like habits and routines.

We can start including warm soups and baked ingredients into our summer salads and dishes, slowly transitioning from the bbq to the oven recipes. Adding some baked or grilled veggies into the salad instead of raw leaves and veggies is an easy way to transition from summer to autumn in the kitchen. Legumes can be stored all year round and are a wonderful option to add both to salads and stews. And they are an amazing source of minerals and proteins too! How about a nourishing red lentil "dhal"

or a warm ginger tea?

During this season we naturally begin to search for physically grounding and restful sensations, which can result confusing for the summery mindset to adjust to. Something I have learnt over my time in Scandinavia, is to experience longer the mornings. August to December, we start a speed race to make the most out of the hours of sunlight. The days get shorter and by the afternoon is already dark. Take advantage this season of the early ours of light and cultivate a morning contemplative routine. It can be as simple and fulfilling as a 15 minute meditation or a warm cup of tea or coffee in silence looking outside.

Try to include this contemplative practice into your yoga flows. Adding some static poses, restorative practices and longer periods of savasana at the end of your vinyasas is a great way to pause and observe, as well as synchronize the mind with the changing rhythms of our body. Let the slow pace be reflected in every detail. Light up some warm candles at home, chose comfy loose clothes over the tight leggings; choosing playlists with Tibetan or crystal bowls and finishing the practice with sandalwood or lavender oils and incense may also guide us into a grounding and still space.