• paula lozano

Hello New Year

Beginnings can be a little hard.

In contrast to the summer time, coming back into our routines after the deep rest of the winter break, may feel a bit more difficult.

At the end of December with the winter solstice we experiment the darkest days of the year that invite us to dive deep in our selves and reflect.

Our bodies feel a bit heavier and the mood is yet slow.

Now as January is slowly bringing back the light, so we start rising up very slowly. Just like the new born seeds in the earth that spent the winter grounding roots, now is time to begin to move following the journey back towards the light, gently searching for the energy of the spring.

And just as the days get longer and we get closer to the sunlight and warmth, is time to slowly start bringing light and warmth in our routines.

Parsnips, turnips,beetroots, carrots, coli flour, broccoli, leeks, winter squash or potatoes among others, make a delicious variety for soups, curry recipes or roasts.

In addition fresh beets , often sold with their greens still attached, are wonderful roasted and made into a salad just as well as kale, cabbage or spinach.

Legumes can be storage all year round and are an amazing source of minerals and proteins too!

How about a nourishing red lentil dhal

or a chickpea curry?

As the body wakes up slowly, is essential to connect with longer and deeper breaths,. To expand the lungs and renew the air, begining to transform our "winter grounding" physical yoga practice into a lighter sensation, including more gentle and fluid moves.

Morning meditations and anulomabiloma or alternate nostril breathing are great practices to include for 10 or 15 minutes before we start the day.

Maintaining a bit longer in cobra pose, mermaid or king pigeon poses will invite us to deep open hips and chest, stretching the psoas and expanding the rib cage so beneficial for the breathing. Cat-Cow flows bring mobility to the spine and help readjust those vertebrae that got a bit stiff during the winter. And don't forget the torsions and all their amazing benefits mobilizing the internal organs and digestion processes specially recomended in the morning before any breakfast :)


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