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The Plow Pose

Halasana gets its name from its remain of the pose shape, resembling a typical plow used, to work farm and agriculture lands.

Like Sarvangasana, it is considered an inversion pose, where your heart remains higher than your heart. Many benefits are therefore shared with the shoulder stand.

It promotes good blood circulation and calms the nervous system by stimulating the parasympathetic NS. It helps decrease depression and anxiety symptoms, ease fatigue, improve immune function and stimulate the abdominal organs along with the prostate and thyroid glands. In addition, letting the legs drop back to the ground over our heads deeply stretches the spine, neck and lower back.

Just as a plow is used to prepare the land for the sowing of the crops, Halasana prepares the mind and body for relaxation and restoration. Many claim that the practice of plow pose increases the blood flow to the head, improving memory and concentration, relieve back ache and stress. However, its deep intensity can risk our neck and spine, and so it must be practiced with proper attention to the alignment and correct breath regulation techniques.

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