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Discovering Ostergötland

Outdoor Life Tips and Principles

It has been already four years that I am living in Sweden and every time I travel around i surprise my self with the outdoor wonders of Ostergötland. Infinite fields of farmlands, forest, lakes and wild islands. I can leave the city and drive around collecting fruits, vegetables and meat from the surrounding local farms, pack the kayak and get lost in the east coast islands. I can camp between dense woodlands, collect wild berries, mushrooms and leaves. I can sight thousands of wild birds, some shy deer and seals.

Sleeping outdoors, walking outdoors, eating outdoors. There's a magic on being out in nature. While some may be more active out here, some like to adopt a contemplative lifestyle. Gladly for us, there is space for all kinds of interaction  with nature and joy of outdoor life which is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian culture and easily accessible for all thanks to the Swedish "right of public access".

But whether we join nature to be active or feel restful, few principles and concepts are good to know, understand and follow.

• There is a difference between being in nature and being with nature:

While outdoor and adventure sports, vacation or entertaining sites USE the natural space as a setting to perform an activity (this is not wrong, but is good to know the difference as a practice of awareness),

BEING with nature is the psycho-physiological state that we reach when we are doing nothing but feeling nature. Is a contemplative state preached by practices such as meditation or forest bathing. Is the state of flow that a painter or a musician get lost into when performing.

You may reach this state while being in nature, and you may approach nature just to be with it.

• Leave no trace:

Maybe the most spread and fundamental principle to follow when being outdoors.

There is not much to explain that may you haven't heard already.

-Don't move rocks and cut branches around to start building a hut.

-If you need to use a natural built in shelter like a big rock or use branches from the ground.

-Collect everything that came with you before leaving. Including organic food waste!! Somethings like bananas that don't belong to that area may be harmful for the environment.

The only thing you may leave is your own body's disposals (to say it nice), and better deep in a whole in the ground.

• Let someone know where you go, pack warm light clothes that can dry fast, have a map/ mark the way if you are unsure and if lost stay put! So it is easier to find you.

• Always check the direction of the wind when burning a fire. Should always be minimum and blow into a safe open area, like the ocean and make sure to set some rocks around to contain the fire.

Go outdoors, experience nature and don't forget to take care of our planet!

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