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The Cobra Pose

Bujhangasana is one of the favourite poses on flow yoga sequences.

Commonly performed before a downward dog is a beautiful and energizing pose.

Among its benefits, cobra pose strengthens and elongates the spine, opens the chest and lungs, stretches the abdomen and stimulates abdominal organs. Opening and stretching the whole front of the body is a great pose to stimulate and stretch the psoas and the front of the hips.

The common tendency when performing the yoga cobra pose is to arch the spine backward, however, you would likely do well to take a cautious approach to this movement especially if you have back problems. When performing bujhangasana it is important to keep the legs active, close to each other and gently press the pelvis on the ground to keep the hips on the floor. This little action will relieve tension from the lower back and avoid potential injuries. Bend your elbows and let them hug your torso relaxing the neck and shoulders and gliding the shoulder blades gently down and apart. Now let the chest open forward,not just upwards, elongating the spine.

If we perform it while breathing deep and slow, bujhangasana can helps relieve stress and fatigue, opening the heart and lungs and letting the oxygen spread through the body. It can help also to soothe sciatica, hip pain and in some cases can be beneficial for asthma.

Morning tip: On four, start by performing a few deep "cat and cow" moves, warming up the spine and preparing the body. Slowly seat back on balasana and deeply stretch your arms forward, reaching far with the fingertips. Inhale, gaze forward, rise the chest and slide forward to bujhangasana 3 deep breaths and flow back to downward dog 3 breaths. Keep flowing as desired.

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