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Autumn meditation

Moving into the Vata Season

In the Ayurvedic tradition, rather than winter, spring, summer and fall, the seasons are divided on three:

Pitta season ( late spring to early fall) Elements of Fire & Water

Vata season (late fall into early winter)Elements of Air & Ether

Kapha season (from the coldest, darkest part of winter into spring). Elements of Water & Earth

Is interesting the contradiction between how you see yourself and how others perceive you. I tend to think on my self as generally calm, thou, those who have stayed closed to me long enough agreed I am a fiery little girl.

Well, this vata season, the season of winds and mobility has felt in me like sudden gusts of wind to a bonfire. Inviting me to recognize the fire in me. Grumpiness, anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness and annoyance, are some of the emotions i have felt more present in me.

Now as we enter winter and reach the deepest part of the Vata season to transition into Khapa, I feel we should dedicate time to observe our selves.

I feel is the time of self rituals and ceremonies. Of sitting on the mat, introspective and spiritual readings, aromas and teas. Is the time to sit closely with ourselves and listen to our deepest longings, to our needs and fears.

A short meditation on recognizing our fire during Vata season

Visualize yourself as a forest.

A whole system of living beings interconnected. All different and beautifully coexisting as one self.

In the middle, a small, stone-contained bonfire. Your agni is peacefully burning, heating the forest.

As the autumn arrives the winds begin to wild the fire which slowly grows and roars wanting to be released free.

You feel the wind blowing, and try to blow against it.

You see the fire accidentally burning now and then an in defense branch and light it off.

However, no one feel the fire's constant roar, No one protects the fire while the wind blows.

The stones surrounding it roll away, and as the fire runs free it is now getting close to raze the whole forest to ashes.

No living soul in the forest has the power to stop it and the forest sees it self burning out, You see yourself burning out as you wait for the winter snow to cool down the earth and let spring bring new life to the ground.

"It was the winds fault that the forest burn" you tell yourself.

But, was it?

How much power are we giving to a temporary wind to take control over a centenary forest full of resources?

This is the eastern's way to receive the new year. A new you, a new start. Letting ourselves burn out and start over and over again form zero, constantly reinventing ourselves into a better, updated version.

Instead, I invite you to receive the winds with recognition. Coming back to your center, to your agni, and observing the winds' effect on the fire. Every time. On every wind.

Build a shelter for the fire when the wind blows, let it burn and express when it needs it. The same way, recognize your self burning before you burn out. Find a safe space to burn and nurture your emotions peacefully and awareness. Then appease it with love and time.

Receive the snow as snow, not as an extinguisher. Just snow, new sensations on your forest.

Make a ritual out of the process of recognizing your emotions and nurturing them when they need it. In the morning when we wake up: how did we wake up? what's present at the start of the day. At night before sleeping. What moved during the day. Weeks, months, seasons,years, relationships, project. Every journey produces winds that alter the fire in our inner forest,

Appreciate yourself through changes, we are where we have to be, even if we don't understand it. Because may be nothing to understand really but our deep human desire to give significance to everything. May not exist significance but just life being lived.

We don't need to be a new or better self, we are not a goal to be achieved, we are beautiful transformative beings.

Om Shanti,


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