Hi, I am Paula.

A dreamer, world explorer,

certified psychologist, yoga teacher and outdoor educator.




My journey

My journey on health and well being started more than ten years ago.

After years of studies and internships in Spain, Norway and Ireland, I graduated in Psychology  by the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2016, with a focus on human learning psychology and human-nature relationships. 


Before and during my whole studies I have always been interested in how we learn and behave, and how our choices and surroundings affect our well-being. However, it was not until the end of my studies that I found yoga to be my way to help improve people's lifes.

I discovered yoga when I was 18 when I started studying psychology and I fell in love with the experience.  After years of self practice and having experience what yoga can do for people's health, I found my path to help others live a healthier, happier life.  

In 2016 I took the next step on my personal and professional career and became a 200h certified yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance at YogaCenter in Madrid, Spain. Since, I have dedicated myself to deepen personally and professionally in the understanding of the asana practice, human anatomy, philosophy, meditation and pranayama techniques. Since I graduated I have been travelling abroad, deepening my study of the human-nature relationship and holding short yoga courses .Today I have more than  three years of yoga teaching experience,  I am still navigating my own personal yoga practice and I keep learning and studying  from great proffessionals towards my 500h YTT certification.

In 2017 I moved to Sweden to complete my studies on Outdoor Environmental Education and I found my home in Scandinavia. 
Nowadays, I live and work here in Sweden, where through an integration of all my studies and experience, I aim to guide my students to a space of connection through their bodies, mindset and choices.

To me, this life is an organic journey. A deepening into consciousness and self development. This is a journey into our body, mind and soul towards a deeper connection to the world surrounding us. I believe in adapting the practice to everyone’s unique condition, physically and emotionally. I value each and every person who joins my courses and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

I am a curious soul, a devoted yogi, nature lover and affectionate writer devoted to live and spread kindness and conscious lifestyle choices and mindset.  I am here with the sole intention to inspire and guide you. Through your body, mind and soul into a life in harmony with the whole.

Let's dive together into a space to connect. 

A space for self development and growth.

Towards living a happy and healthy life as we understand and embrace the many different elements

that make us unique, beautiful and part of a bigger system.