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online sessions

Nurture your body and balance your energies


Trough passive and long-held poses,  this practice focuses on the deepest tissues of the body. A perfect option to balance our energy flow, release tension and gain flexibility,


This class is ideal to let go off stress and tensions and enjoy the soothing effects of yoga.


online sessions

For you who need a deep rest. 

A deeply meditative and terapeutical form of yoga. 

These sessions focus on slowing down and releasing physicall, emotional and mental tensions and discomforts.


Few verbal cues are used. Instead, bolsters, pillows and blocks support and assist the practice, while we enjoy soothing sounds and silence.


online sessions

This practice focuses on reaching a state of deep relaxation  to navigate introspective processes. 

Through a guided relaxation and meditation, we are invited to dive into the different energetic shields of our self where we may find acceptance for unresolved experiences as we connect with our subconscious self. 


The deepest yogic rest for the body, mind and spirit.  



online sessions

Meet the power of Hatha and the fluidity of Vinyasa. 

These dynamic and fun classes are designed for those looking for a challenge.

Through dynamic sequences, these classes are ideal to develop and improve our coordination skills, strength and balance while firing up our inner power.