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Wherever you are , experienced or not in yoga, 

welcome to join me in these online classes. 

Here you can find the different times and days where we meet via Jitsi live stream meetings.  

Come and explore which one suits you best. You can choose which dates fit your schedule and register on as many classes as you like, all you have to do is select the days that you prefer and click on the link that I will send to your email as soon as possible. Easy peasy!

*From a computer you can directly click on the link. If you use a phone or tablet you may need to download Jitsi app.

Once I receive and review your registration I will send you the confirmation and link to join our session.

Click HERE to download the Jitsi app



"A morning ritual of self care"

Mixing gentle hatha, yin and vinyasas, we meet to share slow flowing sequences, relaxing poses and profound stretches.

A gentle morning class to relax, unfold and love our selves.

Welcome everyone despite your experience or condition. This class is ideal to develop our coordination,  strength and balance as we let the body and the mind find deep rest before starting a new week. My intention is to invite you to a safe and calm space where we can connect and recharge our energies no matter where we are. Ultimately, I hope this time together may be accessible to all and bring us strength and balance in our everyday life. 

Love and light, 


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