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Enjoying the Nature

This   mountains    that   you   are   carrying,

you   were   only   supposed   to   climb


                              -Najwa Zebian

holistic exploration
of ourselves


Life is a journey, and sometimes along the way we may face difficulties and discomforts, situations and experiences that may make us feel unhappy and lost. In a therapy session you find a kind hand you can hold when you need guidance and help.

This is a space for you.

Therapy is a process of self-growth and discovery. As a therapist I offer you my hand and professional expertise to walk by your side when you need me, until you are ready to walk it your self.   Here, we create together a comfortable environment of trustworthiness where we communicate. Where we can understand your needs and together we find the best way to approach your process. 

Our ultimate goal is to remind you that you are a beautiful and strong person and to re-empower you to take back your life and happiness.


Image by Darius Bashar

How do we work

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras
  Embodied     Psychotherapy

Embodied cognition understands that human cognition is deeply tied and dependent on our subjective, corporal experience. Meaning our physical experience plays an essential role on our thoughts and feelings.


Embodied psychotherapy is a process through which we bring conscious awareness to the connection to how our feelings and thoughts feel in our body. From here, we work in various ways,  including verbal dialogue, breathing and yoga. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy  is a space where we together take a look at your behavior patterns to understand what is causing discomfort in your life.

Here we explore how do you experience the world and what is the role that, together,  your behaviors, thoughts and emotions play in the experience. This way we deepen in you in a personal way, and together help determine  your needs and find the best approach to your well being in this moment of your life. 

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

Nature Therapy

Nature therapy is based on the idea that all of us as living beings are part of a natural system.

Through nature therapy, we approach you as an organic, holistic being connected to and part of the natural environment.

In an open space, out in nature we explore our senses and feelings in contact with the natural elements. Letting go off stress and gaining self confidence.

 This is a space where to allow us  to feel the world and gain awareness of our selves and our  relationship with nature at the same time.


Why Yoga?

Yoga, as a psycho-physical practice is a powerful tool. Used to treat physical and emotional problems can help us to combat stress, heal trauma and restore our internal balance. This way, through all its components, Yoga becomes a complementary therapy of great help.


Integrating physical activity and relaxation with full awareness, yoga is especially useful to combat anxiety, depression or trauma and promote positive emotional regulation. Through relaxation and present internal listening we invite the body and mind to connect, gaining awareness over our inner world and allowing us to deeply understand and kindly connect with the world around us.
Furthermore, as a complementary therapy Yoga allows us to improve our physical state; it improves our attention, concentration and relaxation skills, decreases automatic and impulsive behaviors and improve personal change towards a healthy lifestyle.

Personal sessions

can be booked in English or Spanish

You can book a first 30 minutes meeting where we can meet your needs and goals .


This first meeting is free of cost.


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