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Work on you,    for you

Through physical, spiritual, mental and emotional work, the broad and different practices of this tradition have the power to guide us into ourselves. To, breathe, rest and heal as we understand life as a unifying experience. I have seen its power many times, through one on one work, group classes and my own personal experience.


Because of it, I want to offer you my hand, guide and support

through this wonderful journey, so you can also experience the freedom and healing powers of yoga. Join me and find a space to observe, reflect and adapt. To meet challenge, balance and joy. 

"Approaching our human nature

from its many different dimensions,

Yoga becomes, beyond the physical exercise,

an organic exercise, minding each cell in the system."

                                                                                            -B.K. Iyengar


To me, the study and practice of yoga is a deepening into consciousness and self development.

A journey into our body, mind and soul towards a deeper connection to the world surrounding us.


An organic practice of understanding.

Through an adequate integration of the yoga techniques, we develop awareness of our internal processes and the world surrounding us. Exploring the possibilities within our body and emotions Yoga offers us the possibility to understand our body and thought patterns. When properly adapted and performed it becomes a physical, emotional and psychological process, "an organic process", providing a singular opportunity for personal development. 

To breath, to observe, to take perspective, to understand.


"I can highly recommend Paula's private classes.

Her commitment and knowledge gave me a good foundation for new knowledge and exercises that I am challenged by"


"I love practicing Yoga with Paula, she is very much focusing on the individual and is able to keep that focus in classes with several students. It's not only the physical practice but much more her way of seeing life and yoga as part of her and our lives that inspires me over and over again. When joining her brunches I love eating her healthy, yummy and always inspiring vegan dishes. With her psychological background she is very good in seeing each one's daily state of mind and I love how she approaches that.  Her very calm and kind way of being is always healing me and turning my mood into a positive one. 

Thanks for all this! "

Ana Bel

Paula is an amazing instructor and person! Her focus is to help and assist the participants from where they are in the yoga practice. She is offering safe spaces and relaxation, but can also challenge you if you want to.

Her way of doing is incredibly inclusive and she let us develop and reach peace in everyday life and the stress that comes with that.


I tested out yoga in the beginning only to stretch my body to ease the stiffness that comes with weight training. I was very lucky to start with a teacher like Paula. It's always inspiring and fun to attend to her classes ! She has an enormous amount of patience, kindness and knowledge about yoga, anatomy and psychology . What I really liked about her classes is that she focuses a lot on the individual even though we are in a group. She offers alternatives if we are unable to reach our goal and checks our form and stability continuously during the classes .  This way I never injured myself or wondered if I was doing something wrong.

I've learned a lot about anatomy, breathing and meditation techniques and different forms of yoga over the course of 2 years thanks to her . 

From starting out without the ability to even balance myself on one foot, I have developed into being able to do headstands now . I am amazed by the way she has not only trained me but also guiding me to develop confidence to attempt things that scare me and to push my limits . I felt I have discovered a lot more about my capabilities after training with her and got interested to dig deeper into yoga.

I would outright say that she has been the best yoga teacher had in my experience and an amazing friend to have with you in your yoga journey!


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