"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"


-The Bhagavad Gita  

The practice and philosophy of Yoga is a window towards the universal conciousness.

Through physical, spiritual, mental and emotional work, the broad and different practices

of this tradition guide us into ourselves. To understand life as a unifying experience. 


When you join my classes you will always find a space to observe, reflect and adapt.

To meet challenge, rest, balance and joy. 


Classes & Courses 



Power and Focus


The most traditional practice. Mostly based on static poses, seated or standing, hatha can be both a powerful and soothing practice where the mind meets itself deeply through the physical work.


An ideal oportunity to get our first impression with the physical yoga practice and breathing techniques or tune the intermediate and advanced practices. 


Dynamism, coordination & playfulness


A dynamic  style where body and breath explore movement together. 

Based on hatha poses, the practice connects different asanas into yoga sequences designed to approach different intentions. 

A fun and playful option to take our physical practice one step further.  Ideal  to develop and improve coordination skills, strength and balance.     



Energetic Balance and Deep Release


Rooted on the principles of Chinese medicine and Taoism, Yin yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses focusing on the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues and fascia network.


The perfect option to balance our organs, release tension and gain flexibility, Yin yoga is a wonderful choice to balance and improve the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in our bodies.


                 Comfort, Support and Deep Relaxation 


A deeply meditative and terapeutical form of yoga. 

Based on gentle  hatha poses, this practice focus on slowing down and releasing physicall, emotional and mental tensions and discomforts.


Yoga props such as bolsters, pillows and blocks, are used to support different parts of the body during the practice, and poses can be hold in silence for a long period of time while the teacher assists. 



Awakening the subconscious



Laying in Savasana for the whole length of this practice as if we were experiencing the end of a physical class, Yoga Nidra focuses on reaching a state of deep relaxation while we stay fully aware  of the process. 


Through a guided relaxation and meditation, we are invited to dive into the different energetic shields of our self where we may find acceptance for unresolved experiences as we connect with our subconscious self.    .

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To me, the study and practice of yoga is a deepening into consciousness and self development.

This is a journey into our body, mind and soul towards a deeper connection to the world surrounding us.


This is an organic practice of understanding.

Through an adequate integration of the yoga techniques, we develop awareness of our internal processes and the world surrounding us. Exploring the possibilities within our body and emotions Yoga offers us the possibility to understand our body and thought patterns. When properly adapted and performed it becomes a physical, emotional and psychological process, "an organic process", providing a singular opportunity for personal development. 


To breath, to observe, to take perspective, to understand.

"Approaching our human nature from its many different dimensions,

Yoga becomes, beyond the physical exercise, an organic exercise,

minding each cell in the system."

                                                                                             -B.K. Iyengar


"I can highly recommend this. Paula's commitment and knowledge gave me a good foundation for new knowledge and exercises that I am challenged by"


"I love practicing Yoga with Paula as she is very much focusing on the individual and able to keep that focus in classes with several students. I like her creativity and the way she is teaching me different poses and flows.

It's not only the physical practice but much more her way of seeing life and yoga as part of her and our lives that inspires me over and over again. When joining her brunches I love eating her healthy, yummy and always inspiring vegan dishes. With her psychological background she is very good in seeing each humans daily state of mind and I love how she approaches that.  Her very calm and kind way of being is always healing me and turning my mood into a positive one. That is why i love joining Paula on her journey.

Thanks for all this! "


"Paula is gentle and empathetic and very pleasant to share yoga with"



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Yoga is strength, flexibility and balance. 

It's self-understanding, kindness, love.

Yoga is body, mind and soul.

Yoga is union.

Yoga is freedom.

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