"All living organic systems are in a  continuous, natural development

between all the different elements that fit together harmoniously

as necessary parts of the whole."

Organic is You.


Welcome, I am Paula.


To me, this life is an organic journey.

A deepening into consciousness and self development. This is a journey into our body, mind and soul towards a deeper connection to the world surrounding us.

With years of self-work and professional experience on yoga and mental health behind me, a warm heart and open hands, I am here with the sole intention to receive and guide you through your body, mind and soul into an harmonious life. 


I like to combine my different teachings on health to offer a nourishing experience always approaching and adapt it to your unique condition and needs. 

"Approaching our human nature

from its many different dimensions,

Yoga becomes, beyond the physical exercise, an organic exercise,

minding each cell in the system."


-B.K. Iyengar



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