All living organic systems

are in a  continuous, 

natural development

 between all the different elements

that fit together harmoniously

as necessary parts of the whole.

Organic is You.


Hi, I am Paula.

A dreamer, world explorer; a curious soul, dedicated yogi, nature lover and affectionate writer devoted to live and spread kindness and conscious lifestyle choices and mindset.  

The integration of yoga, psychology and nature in my lifestyle has been a major transformation in the way I understand and live live this universe. Over 10 years it has impregnated my lifestyle and profession, transforming the way I approach education, therapeutic work,  my relationships to others and to the planet.    

I am here with the sole intention to inspire and guide you.

Through your body, mind and soul into a life in harmony with the whole.

Let's dive together

into a space to connect. 

A space for self development and growth.

Towards living a happy and healthy life as we understand and embrace the many different elements that make us unique, beautiful

and part of a bigger system.

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