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FEBRUARY 14    19.00-21.00

  MARCH    20    19.00-21.00  

   APRIL     17    19.15-21.15 


& Nidra

Evening event

Held by bolsters, blocks and blankets, we invite our selves to explore the kindness of deep passive poses and feel the space that breathing creates.

The pass finishes with a very special Savasana. A deep guided yoga Nidra relaxation that will invite us to dive into the different layers of our selVes for about 1 hour, Just before we wake up we will enjoy the vibration of the gong and the tibetan bowls.


This workshop is focused on creating an integral, wide sensation of peace and rest.A space ideal to let go off stress and tensions and enjoy the soothing effects of yoga.

Online bookings message "online" 150kr
Presential booking message "on site" 400kr


max. 8 bookings on site


How does it work the event Online?? .
I will be guiding you from the studio
in the comfort of your own home,
giving options for everyone.
what will you need?
a comfy space
2 blankets
1 bolster, long pillow or
2/4 small sofa pillows
2 blocks/ books
1 strap/scarf/belt

How do I join the session online?

There are max. 8 bookings on site

and unlimited online.

You book via Time Center and message "online"

If in Time center is shown "all booked" that means that all 8 onsite bookings have been filled.

Online bookings are still available.


However if this is the case, you will have to contact me at :

paula@lillayogastudion.se or text at 0767453571

and book your online spot via text message or email.

You will receive confirmation on your booking shortly after making it and some days previous to the event you will receive extra information about how to access the event online and complete your payment via SWISH.

Don't hesitate contacting me with any doubts at paula@lillayogastudion.se or via facebook


Om Shanti 🕉



Bookings and reservations via Time center

contact for information about bookings at paula@lillayogastudion.se



Vasavägen 13, Linköping






Organic Sunday

Yoga & Brunch

Let yourself relax and flow with a beautiful morning vinyasa practice and a delicious plant-based, seasonal brunch.
An organic, complete treat from the inside out.

Join us at Simran Yoga Center the first Sunday of the month to share and connect.

February 2
March 1


Due to the current COVID-19 situation,

the event on April 5 is moved to May 3rd

Time: 9.00-12.00



bookings & payment via email and SWISH: 1230053413 

To confirm your booking email : 

yogabrunch + date + name at info@simran.se


Bookings close 3 days before the event

More about bookings and information at info@simran.se


With the collaboration of


Healthies Café

Kvillingeekologiska & Kvillingegårdsbutik


  5 APRIL moved to 3 May.


max. 8 participants!!


Storgatan 70, Linköping






Spring Course

Come and experience a dynamic and fun class !!

In this course we focus on deeply releasing at the end of the week.

While vinyasa yoga offers us the possibility to observe and feel the deep connection between yoga asanas an breath during dynamic and powerful sequences, restorative yoga invite us to soften deeply and rest body & mind.

For the first 45 minutes, the powerful vinyasa sequences and variations are ideal for developing and enhancing all of our coordination skills, strength and balance while also energizing your inner power. At the start of the course, some flows may be softer, allowing us to observe the subtle move and become familiar with yoga poses, transitions and sequences. As we advance the flows will get more powerful and will introduce us into a challenging and sometimes demanding practice which will surely lit the fire in us 🔥

To close the pass and enter the weekend, the next 45 minutes of restorative yoga are all about feeling grounded, supported and deeply relaxed.

Let's make our friday feel AMAZING💜



The course is on fridays from 17.00 to 18.30 


 a total of 15 classes


Starting on week 4 until week 21


almost one friday a month is off so you can plan a different friday from time to time!




January: 24,31

February: 7,21,28

March: 6,13,27

April: 3,10,24




*Drop in 200kr 


Max. 8 participants per class

Contact for drop in: organicpauyoga@gmail.com


Storgatan 70, Linköping




Vinyasa class

Yoga Marathon @Simranyogacenter



Come and experience a dynamic and fun class !!


Vinyasa offers us the posibility to observe and feel the deep connection betwen yoga asanas an breath during dynamic and powerful flows. 

Through sun salutation sequences, and gentle moves, the class is ideal for developing and enhancing all of our coordination skills, strength and balance while also energizing your inner power.




Storgatan 70, Linköping


January 19th 



Inversions workshop

Is time to deepen!


In the first workshop we set the introduction to practice upside down. We could explore different inversions, some were new for us some already known. We could take a look at the foundations of the pose and different aspect such as the role of our breath, props, preparation sequencing and assisting other.


Now in this second inversions workshop is time to deepen!


If is the first time you join, don't worry! We will go back to the foundations and the main 3 aspects of each asana: enter, maintain and exit. We will share three hours to deepen into each inversion and different variations, learning to transition from one to another.

We will also dedicate more time to prepare sequences and talk about the muscles involved; and to learn to assist others and be safe supporting physically and psychologically with what limits our students to get into inversions.


This is a space for beginers and intermediate/advanced yogis, students, practitioners and teachers!!

Here we create a community. A space where we can lean from each other.


Come and experience your self in a challenging practice, to explore different inversions and while learning how to prepare ourselves through warm up sequences and tips on how to enter, maintain and exit inversions safely.


Are you in?? 🤸




Vasavägen 13, Linköping