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My story

Hi, I am Paula. I am a dreamer, a world explorer, a certified psychologist, yoga teacher and outdoor educator.




My journey on health and wellbeing started more than ten years ago.

After years of studies and internships in Spain, Norway and Ireland, I graduated in Psychology  from a cognitive behavioural approach by the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2016., with a focus on human learning psychology and human-nature relationships. 



Before and during my whole studies I have always been interested in human behaviour, learning process and wellbeing. However, it was not until the end of my studies that I found yoga to be my way to help improve people's lifes.

I discovered yoga when I was 18 while in university and I fell in love with the experience.  After years of self practice and having experience what yoga can do for people's health and wellbeing, I found my path to help others live a healthier, happier life.  

In 2016 I took the next step on my personal and professional career and became a 200h certified yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance at YogaCenter in Madrid, Spain. Since, I have dedicated myself to deepen personally and professionally in the understanding of the asana practice, human anatomy, philosophy, meditation and pranayama techniques.


Since I graduated I have been travelling abroad, deepening my study of the human-nature relationship and holding short yoga courses .
In 2017 I moved to Sweden to complete my studies and in 2018 I obtained my masters degree on Outdoor Environmental Education by Linköpings University. 

Nowadays, I live and work in Linköping, where through an integration of all my studies and using my understanding of the human body and psyche, I aim to bring ease and mobility to the body and the mind.


I believe in adapting the practice to everyone’s unique condition, physically and emotionally. Therefore trough and holistic approach I aim to guide my students through their personal journey on yoga.
The journey into the Yoga practice is a journey towards self-discovery. A journey into the deeper consciousness to develop and become our amazing true selves. I value each and every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.